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The Voyage of Life》- Winson Enterprise (H.K.) Limited


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The Voyage of Lifeis a promotional booklet piece published by Winson Enterprise (H.K.) Limited in 2022. The Voyage of Lifewas inspired by the four series of painting by Those Cole in 1842.  Thomas Cole’The Voyage of Liferepresenting an allegory of the four stages of human life. From childhood to old age,  each painting expressed a different sense of emotion and experiences while corresponding to the seasons of the year. 


To honor and be inspired by the series by Thomas Cole, Winson Enterprise decided to anew the The Voyage of Lifewith a different perspective. In Winson Enterprise version, the story is illustrated by the life of a couple. From their Childhood, Youth, Greet to Giving Birth, the book showcases two individuals in a storytelling way. To allow readers to capture a better insight, Winson Enterprise decided to utilize different effects and papers to represent their changes in different stages of life and state of mind. 


Essentially, Winson hopes The Voyage of Lifecould lead readers to a reflection, to reflect and have a better understanding of the idea of life through reading this book. 



Design | Color Management

     As a promotional booklet that convey the story through different photographic, the early stage design and color management of 《The Voyage of Life》is the most critical step. In order to recreate the purport in Thomas Cole’s 《The Voyage of Life》, our designer have done an in-depth research of the life of Thomas Cole as well as the color usage of 《The Voyage of Life》, hoping to transform and showcase the original painting through a modern printing approach. 


     Like most printed books, color management is the first step before the official printing begin. Using 《The Voyage of Life》as a reference, once our designer sent out the design blueprint, our color management department will upload all documents online and carefully adjust and correct the colors. This step involved confirming the placement of color, the use of different effects and check the overall balances. Considered the accuracy of colors will directly impact the final products, it is crucial to communicate with customers beforehand. Once it’s confirmed, we will print out a drafts and move on to the next stage. 



Pre-Print | Material Procure & Preparation

     Once the design and color is finalized, we will order the required paper and materials based on requested. With the evolution of technology, the types of paper has increased significantly. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, in specific, is highly requested by customers. In fact, the choice of paper will makes a direct impact towards the structure and aesthetic of products. For instance, In 《The Voyage of Life》, designer wanted to use different paper in every single page, hoping to convey the change of emotion and feelings through different paper texture. The choice of paper will also affects the entire printing process and the use of technique, in which, we will also provide suggestions to our customers when it comes to the use of materials. 


     Apart from paper, many products also require the use of other materials. As a diversify manufacturer, we will also help customers acquire these materials and assemble into the finale product, to provide achieve the idea of complete one stop service. 



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Printing Process

     In general, the project is ready to enter the official printing stage once the color and material are being managed. For most case, printing is categorized into two different type, Offset Printing & Digital Printing, In the case of 《The Voyage of Life》, the booklet utilized the latest Digital Printing technology of Fuji Xerox Iridesse. In fact, Digital Printing has relatively more advantage in comparison to Offset Printing when it comes to time and cost. For project that involves more effect and smaller volume, Digital Printing could be a better option. 


     To ensure the consistency of quality, throughout the printing process, we will monitor the entire printing progress and changes in the color. Different projects requires different printing techniques, and as an experienced printing company, we will construct the most effective printing solution for all our clients. 



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Binding | Packaging | Quality Check

     As the printing process is finished, the entire project is close to completion. From that, the printed materials will move forward to the binding, packaging and quality check process. While many companies might choose to outsource these steps to third parties for cheaper production cost, Winson chooses to operate these process in house. Not only do we aim to provide a more comprehensive service to customer, in-house operation often furnish a better control when it comes to time management and quality control. 


     With this system and level of services, Winson is able to bring high quality products to our customers as well as ourselves. 《The Voyage of Life》, for example, has proudly won the championship of The 33th Hong Kong Printing Award - Promotional Category. In the near future, Winson Enterprise aims to further expand our footprint, to provide our high quality services to companies and clients around the world.